Petit BonBon Spring 2011 Collection By Cotton Candy Punk Couture

Salutations, se joindre à moi pour le thé et la mode sera vous? Pardon moi, just looking through the Petit BonBon Spring 2011 Collection by Cotton Candy Punk Couture, emerging underground punk rock fashion brand, makes me giddy for a French themed tea party! With all the lace, ruffles, tool and yummy named Dresses (Like Petit Chocolat Blanc (Little white chocolate!) and Tootiesy Pop) these handmade one of a kind creations are sure to please most every palette no matter what your taste! And Even though spring has come and gone this collection is still available on via cottoncandypunktotes. These yummy delicatessen's are perfect for ever part of the year and never spoil! No tea party is complete without Cotton Candy Punk Couture!