- Nov 20, 2008
References: youbars
Sick of boring protein drinks? Customize your own! YouShake Make-A-Shake is the protein power you personalize, so it will only have the flavours you like and be supplemented with the ingredients you need for optimal energy and strength.

Just like everyone’s bodies are different, so are their nutritional needs—and flavor preferences! Choose up to three types of protein (whey, soy, egg white, rice), flavors and nutritional extras. As you add ingredients, your virtual nutrition label is automatically updated with calorie, protein, other nutritional counts.

Total Cost? $38.87/box of 13

After customizing a YouShake blend online, you get to name it too!

The Bianca Shake

- Protein: Soy

- Flavor: Organic Vanilla and Strawberry

- Sweetener: Organic Brown Sugar Cane Juice

- Infusions: All One Vitamin Infusion, Bee Pollen, Greens Infusion (Spirulina)

While the YouBar (see below) was one of my favourite innovations, I can imagine a lot of people, athletes in particular, will be thrilled with the invention of the YouShake.