Vilde Perfume Branding Uses a Minimalist Design

The perfume branding for Vilde uses a very minimalist look, resembling an ink-blotting strategy. The work was done as a project for school by Linda Hurtig from Sweden.

The assignment called for both a branding identity and ad to go with the perfume. Just looking at the images alone, it looks like Hurtig found her inspiration in nature, with the drawings resembling that of trees. In one illustration, the feeling evoked is that of spring time, when everything is starting to bloom. The next look is similar to fall, with the branches looking quite stark, placed on a blue-gray background.

The Vilde Perfume branding design evokes sentiments of nature, which should make consumers associate it with freshness. When it comes to scents, fresh is the way most people would love to smell after a quick spritz of a beauty product.