This Pep Ventosa Series is Ethereal

 - Apr 17, 2012
On his website, Pep Ventosas describes his work as focused on discovering "new visual experiences in photography." His recent series titled simply, ‘Carousels – In the Round,’ achieves this. Much of this is owed to the technique that Ventosas employed when shooting the series.

Each photograph was shot as he circled around a number of carousels. He then overlaid these photographs on one another to create an amalgamation of perspectives. As such, one may think they are looking at a single image but they are not. Instead one is viewing each carousel from a multitude of angles simultaneously. This produces an ephemeral, ghostly effect.

Looking at the series is like trying to remember a quickly fading memory. Most photography distills a specific perspective at a particular moment. Carousels – In the Round makes it clear that much of our impression of places and objects is an amalgamation of different memories and perspectives.