Penny Loafers by Sonya Clark Relates to Ancestry in a Roundabout Way

 - Jul 16, 2013
References: sonyaclark & neatorama
The Penny Loafers by Sonya Clark, an artist born in Washington, DC, and based in Richmond, Virginia, is a literal take on the classic slip-on shoes. They have been crafted entirely out of pennies. Even the frame used to form the common footwear silhouette was made out of copper. Although it would be easy to chock up the design to a casual gimmick, there is more to the meaning behind it than first meets the eye.

The Penny Loafers by Sonya Clark isn't the first time she has worked with the material. She has a particular affinity towards it, stating, "I relate to the color of the metal because it is the color of my skin. In anthroposophical medicine, copper alleviates poor memory. By using copper, I reconnect with my ancestry and reawaken lost memories of cultural identity."