Natasha Kinaru Creates Pencil Portraits of Famous Celebrities

Russian artist Natasha Kinaru puts her creative vision to paper in her picture-perfect pencil portraits.

Her incredibly realistic portraits are so realistic, that they are often confused with digitally "enhanced" photographs. "I am inspired by people, so different, beautiful, interesting, mysterious, bright, talented," said 21-year-old Natasha. "Drawing allows you to see them closer, try to guess the character, to convey mood, emotion. If it works – a portrait (is) alive, looking at it you can see the spark in his eyes and painted soul of the artist."

She genuinely brings this idea to pen and paper, birthing these stunning portraits of renowned celebrity icons like Jared Leto, Daniel Craig of James Bond, Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day, and Sheldon Cooper of the Big Bang Theory, among many other astonishingly precise portraits by this promising young artist.