The CrissCross Movables are Engineered for Consumers that Often Move

 - May 12, 2016
References: crisscrossfurniture & fastcodesign
Millennial residences are often moving around from place to place, making a flat-pack movables line such as the CrissCross pegboard furniture an ideal investment. The collection contains modular furnishings constructed using pegboard pieces that can be arranged and put together without the need for tools. In addition, the furniture can easily be taken apart and packed flat for convenient storing and moving day needs.

The CrissCross collection provides durable, contemporary and lightweight furnishings that are simple and minimalistic enough in design to fit into a variety of home and office layouts. The pieces are put together using wooden pegboards that are fasted with plastic joint nuts that screw into place to create hinged doors and shelving. The wood is coated in a plant-based wax that keeps the wood clean and water-resistant throughout use.