Enter Another Dimension With YOY’s Illusion-Inducing Light Fixture

 - Apr 27, 2013
References: yoy-idea.jp
For those who would like to create the illusion of living in a fantasy world in their own home, YOY’s peel away wall light fixture is the perfect home accessory to put your unsuspecting house guests into another dimension.

Using an OLED, YOY’s peel away wall light cleverly adheres to the corner of any standard wall using a hook. The OLED emits a bright light that subtly creates the illusion of some kind of magical world lurking behind the calm facade of your wall.

One of the greatest things about YOY’s sleek design is that this peel away wall light is easy to set up and dismantle, so you can swiftly decide the moment you want to stop tripping your friends and family out. This clever design is a fantastic way to add some bizarre and eye catching flare to an otherwise humble home.