This Pee Funnel Helps Women Urinate in Public Places Without Toilets

 - Aug 12, 2015
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If you are a girl, you have certainly, at some point in your life, envied boys for being able to pee basically wherever they want -- a problem this pee funnel is trying to solve. Up until now guys have been able to go everywhere from alleys and against trees to in jars and bottles. Women haven't been able to experience the same freedom, which some would argue is setting them back in terms of gender equality.

This Indian invention is a disposable pee funnel perfect for long car rides, camping and other extended periods spent away from a toilet. Dubbed the Pee Buddy, the urine helper is popped open and placed below the part of the female anatomy where liquid waste would flow from. Underwear will need to be adjusted before users can commence peeing. Afterwards, the Pee Buddy should be disposed of.