Kooky Collectible Pecanpals Made from Rubber Trees

 - May 7, 2009
References: noferin & netdiver.net
Pecanpals are highly addictive little critters that are made from rubber tree wood. The trees are grown for their sap, but when they get to about 20 years of age, their juice dries up and the trees would normally go to waste. Noferin has rescued some of these trees and hand-crafts these adorable and collectible friends.

Noferin artists Candy and Nick created the 4.5" to 6.5" high characters with movable joints and gave them all fun names like Pandacake, Fanelli and Jac Jac. They even have a fantasy homeland called Carrara Island.

The figures, limited to 200-300 each, just became available on May 5 and many of the little guys are already sold out!