These Peanut Butter Jars Will Eradicate Peanut Butter Knuckles

 - Jul 29, 2013
References: gizmodiva
If peanut butter knuckles are the bane of your existence (I know it's mine), then this twisting peanut butter jar is about to save your life. This sandwich innovation is called 'Jar-with-a-Twist.' Conventional peanut butter jars are inefficient and wasteful. This revolutionary design allows you to twist the jar contents up, so the spread at the bottom doesn't go to waste. This cleaner method is also cost-efficient. Jar-with-a-Twist makers found a way to manufacture the jar at only cents more than the traditional container.

In the future, Jar-with-a-Twist hopes to expand beyond peanut butter to similar products like jelly, mayonnaise and salsa. Personally, I would like to see this technology applied to condiments such as nacho cheese and jam (not the same as jelly). This invention also receives bonus marks for keeping the contents fresher by minimizing air exposure.