This Pavel Ripley Art is Eclectic and Contemporary

 - Apr 25, 2012
References: pavelripley & vectroave
Russian artist Pavel Ripley has a knack for producing illustrations that hover between approaches as disparate as abstract expressionism, pop art and pop surrealism while maintaining a coherent, original style.

Some of the works are reminiscent of Kandinsky paintings with their bright colors and angular, contrasting shapes. Others are much more figurative and could easily come from the pages of a comic book. If one were pressed to describe Ripley’s work with only one word, ‘contemporary,’ would be a good description.

The artist demonstrates a keen skill for drawing, coloring and painting as well as a diverse range of inspiration. This eclectic and well-honed talent should serve the artist well as it allows him to be agile and versatile in his endeavors.