YeahYeahChloe Comments on Society Through Pastel Graphics

 - Jan 16, 2018
References: instagram & yeahyeahchloe
Illustrators return to the texture-less, colorful and minimalist styling of flat designs and Chloe Bennett embraces the technique's rebirth through her quirky pastel graphics. Valuing simplicity, the Australian illustrator is able to study the world through her work. Her digital drawings consists of bold choices of singular background color and a centered design, which is often inspired by a pun or an absurd combination of everyday objects— from a tongue and toilet paper roll collab to six skulls in an egg carton.

The overall accessibility of her pastel graphics, contained in the uncluttered image, allows for YeahYeahChloe to propel her valid artistic observations. This makes for a useful and creative technique for product advertisement, promotion or engaging web design.