Pasatgram Wants Diners to Appreciate Looks Before Flavor

 - Oct 5, 2018
References: forbes & ny.eater
Instagram has already proved to be an immensely helpful tool in marketing and now Pastagram is taking this idea a step further by focusing its eatery almost entirely on aesthetics. Established as a fast-casual pasta shop, this New York-based restaurant attempts to hook in aesthetic-focused millennials by promising "photogenic" details in every dish. The space also adds to this concept as it features hanging plants and a gorgeous mural wall.

While the focus is on aesthetics, Pastagram also manages to innovate in terms of flavor and customization. Presenting customers with a choose-your-own-adventure approach to pasta, the fast-casual eatery offers 12 options for pasta shapes, a collection of sauces, and add-ons. Dessert is also served as the restaurant and includes tiramisu, cream puffs, and chocolate mousse.

Image Credit: Pastagram