Park9 is a Toronto Chain of Playcare Locations Built Specifically for Dogs

 - Oct 31, 2016
References: park9dogs
Park9 is a Toronto-based chain that offers boarding and playcare for both dogs and cats. Not only does the business give pet owners a cozy and safe place for their pet to stay while they're gone, but it also offers other premium services such a grooming and retail all in one space.

Park9 is an urban pet resort owned by the Toronto dog care company UrbanDog. The Pearson Airport location is the most impressive of them all and features individual suites, sleepover-style slumber rooms, an indoor dog pool and even a special section for senior pets called Park90. The facilities are meant to accommodate overnight care, as well as daily playcare for anywhere between three and 13 hours. Regardless of how long an owner leaves their pet, all canines are under the watchful eyes of the staff 24 hours a day.

Park9 is ideal for pet owners who are looking for a more upscale boarding option for both the short-term and long-term.