Panini Spatula Makes Cutting and Serving Grilled Sandwiches Fun and Easy

 - Nov 9, 2012
References: williams-sonoma
Williams-Sonoma solves a common problem when trying to slice hot sandwiches in half with its new Chef'n Panini Spatula.

Grilled sandwiches are so delicious, but the gooey filling tends to slide and even gush out from the sides a little bit when slicing through. The Chef'n Panini Spatula functions as a regular spatula as well as support for the hot sandwich when slicing. The gap in the center of both 'prongs' allows users to cut evenly and carefully without crushing or crumbling the toasty bread. Most spatulas are quite flimsy, which can make it difficult to lift heavy sandwiches, but Williams-Sonoma's includes a stainless steel core, which provides ample support for even the most packed paninis.