Palm Treo 800w Smart Phone

 - Jul 15, 2008
References: computerworld
Spring just announced the launch of the new Palm Treo 800w Smart Phone which includes Wifi and GPS. The new Palm Treo 800w is NOT an iPhone 3G competitor they say because the device is geared directly toward businesspeople using Windows Mobile OS. It includes the Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro operating system, granting the ability to edit Microsoft Word and Excel documents and makes it easy to access Outlook.

The $250 Treo 800w is more expensive than the 8GB iPhone 3G which only sells for $199 and runs on the speedy AT&T 3G network. So why the Treo 800w and not a new iPhone?

"It's not a direct iPhone competitor and is more for business users, while the iPhone is more suited for music and video and the consumer," explains spokesperson Karen Chan.