The Pablo Garcia Desideratum Series Glorifies the Homeless

 - Dec 5, 2012
References: pabloga & sweet-station
Looking run-down and disheveled, the people featured in the Pablo Garcia Desideratum portrait series are depicted as saintly figures.

With a halo encircling each of their heads, the stained and disenchanted characters seem more like homeless people than holy beings. There are some seniors dressed in worn-out superhero costumes, there is a guy wearing a bandanna and full sleeve tattoos, there is an elderly man who is all bloody and bruised as if he just got into a street fight, and there are also scrawny topless men leering at the viewer.

This collection of miscreants are portrayed in a new light in the Pablo Garcia Desideratum portrait series; with a glowing aura surrounding them, they could be saints of the streets, fighting the good fight.