Get Going with the Overvecht Train Station Slide

Running to catch your train just got a lot easier for Dutch passengers with the recent installation of the Overvecht train station slide. Officially titled the ‘Transfer Accelerator,’ the speedy alternative to stairs was created by HIK Ontwerpers, a Utrich-based design firm. The slide will not only help passengers who are late for their rides, but is also a playful addition to the small city’s station that will surely garner attention from tourists and those who would not usually travel by public train. Traveling with children has never been easier, as the slide makes the journey fun for people of all ages and removes some of the stress that comes with rushing from station to station. It also offers an added convenience for people travelling with heavy luggage.

The Overvecht train station slide is an creative and practical alternative to escalators and elevators. It is both entertaining and financially responsible, and will surely help the tens of thousands of people who travel through the terminal every week.