The Sound Sleep Cocoon Accelerates Skin Repair During Sleep

 - Feb 27, 2018
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The skincare industry is abundant in overnight skin treatments that promise to hydrate and revive damaged areas, however Dermologica takes it one step further with its transformative night gel-cream. After conducting a survey in Canada, which concluded that a shocking 11 percent of Canadians sleep throughout the night without interruption, the skincare company dedicated its research and time to developing overnight skin treatments that could optimize the benefits of sleep.

The Sound Sleep Cocoon is essentially a product that boasts encapsulated essential oils with motion-activated technology. In addition to its restorative powers, the overnight gel cream promotes deep and restful sleep through aromatherapy, which is a skincare benefit in itself.

Dermologica launches its Sound Sleep Cocoon on March 15th. In the meantime, the company has created a digital page with DIY deep sleep massage and other restful sleep tips.

Photo Credits: Dermalogica