These Obelisk Outdoor Torches are Inspired by Ancient Egypt

 - Apr 12, 2016
References: hammacher & thegreenhead
Crafted from zinc, these Obelisk Outdoor Torches are intended to provide a more formal aesthetic compared to traditional tiki torches. The torches are treated with an all-weather glaze that's durable enough to withstand the seasons without showing signs of wear.

Coming in sets of two, the torches feature large oil reservoirs that can hold up to 10-ounces of fuel for burning long into the night. They operate with either traditional torch fuel or mosquito-repelling citronella to suit the needs and preferences of users.

The Obelisk Outdoor Torches come with tethered flame snuffers to make extinguishing the flames much easier than otherwise. The torches come in either black or copper color aesthetics to suit outdoor furniture or the design aesthetics of outdoor gardens.