This Outdoor Poster Feeds Seagulls with Edible Glue, Ink and Paper

 - Jun 24, 2016
References: facebook & adeevee
In order to promote the quality of the fresh seafood it serves, Barracuda Restaurant launched an unconventional outdoor poster.

From both up-close and afar, the 'Fresh Fish Poster' seems to only depict an image of a fish, but there's more to it than meets the eye. Over time, the contents of the billboard were eaten away, since it was entirely crafted with glue, ink and paper made from real fresh fish that could be safely consumed by seagulls at the beach. Cleverly, this shows how eager these seagull connoisseurs are to eat what's freshly caught and served at Barracuda Restaurant.

There have been a number of theatrical posters and billboards like these created with theatrical elements, especially living parts like food or bacteria that add a dynamic element to marketing and change the entire composition of the advertisement over time.