The 'WoodCruise' Outdoor Lounge is Communal in Design

 - Jun 13, 2016
References: & tuvie
Designed by Dutch Luxury Design, the 'WoodCruise' outdoor lounge is created with a communal aesthetic in mind to have people sitting and interacting with one another instead of being physically disconnected.

Crafted from teak wood and Swietenia mahogany, the 'WoodCruise' has a circular design that makes it look almost like a hot tub. The interior space reveals a comfortable mattress base with ergonomic cushions that enable people to sit upright without having to stack multiple cushions.

Suitable for up to four people or as a haven for one, the 'WoodCruise' outdoor lounge is also designed with a rotating aesthetic that will gently provide movement when people are seated. This can be paired with a solar panel to power the movement or with a battery.