This Outdoor Community Center Boasts Rainbow Roofing and Beams

 - Aug 27, 2015
H&P architects created this outdoor community center that features exposed beams, roofing and chairs that are displayed in a palette of rainbow colors. The pavilion itself is titled 'Re-ainbow Community Center.'

Its roof is lined with sheets of solid-colored metal that range from red to blue. The sheets are placed in the same color order as a rainbow. Beneath the roof, the pavilion features exposed beams that are also colored to represent a rainbow. In addition to both of these designs, the chairs that are provided for the outdoor portion of the community center are also rainbow-colored.

Every aspect of this structure located in Vietnam is colorful and inviting. The structure contains an indoor portion as well as a roofed patio portion, presenting a cohesive and colorful display throughout the entire design.