The PSA Uses an Osama Corpse Ad to Try and Save Lives

The Osama corpse fiasco has caused a lot of stir in both politics and pop culture. A recent PSA video that is set to be released in the near future uses this event as inspiration to tell people to buckle up.

Osama's death has caused a lot of stir over the past week. According to the Copyranter blog, one should expect, "an avalanche of Osama death-ploitation advertising over the next few months." This PSA video definitely manages to put a comic spin on the situation while ironically using the clearly already-demised Osama corpse to try and save lives. After the body accidentally falls out of the Navy Seal helicopter, a neon sign flashes on the screen telling viewers to "Buckle Up, It Could Save Your Life."

The Osama corpse conundrum is sure to provide advertisers with plenty of material for the future.