Burger King's Spicy Original Chicken Sandwich is Doused In Secret Sauce

 - Jul 21, 2016
References: burgerking
Burger King recently unveiled an exciting new menu offering in the form of its Spicy Original Chicken Sandwich. What makes this delectably hot and spicy chicken burger such a popular offering is the fact that it takes a Burger King classic and adds a new twist to it, with the end result being a burger that is familiar to the palate yet features an exciting new flavor.

The Spicy Original Chicken Sandwich keeps things simple by using a lightly breaded chicken fillet covered in fresh, shredded lettuce. However, the key flavor ingredient in this chicken sandwich is Burger King's secret hot sauce, which turns up the heat but also lends true flavor rather that simply burning your mouth. A soft toasted sesame seed bun holds it all together.

This chicken sandwich is all the more desirable given that it can be ordered as part of Burger King's '2 for $5 Mix & Match' promotion.