Books for Every Folding Need

 - Nov 22, 2008
References: flickr & trenddelacreme
It may be that none of us is gifted with the skill level of Dasssa, the creator of the brilliant linked-box origami piece above, but it seems that there is a book to cover every possible origami-folding situation you may find yourself in.

Bored on the loo? ‘Toilet Paper Origami’ by Linda Wright has you covered. Shoe lovers will admire ‘Girligami’ by Cindy Ng. Concerned with saving the environment? Use up all that useless junk mail with ‘Junk Mail Origami’ by Duy Nguyen and Tramy Nguyen. ‘Popigami’ by James Diaz helps you make 3-D creations, and ‘Napkin Origami’ by Brian Sawyer and ‘The Little Book of Towel Origami’ by Alison Jenkins turns everyday household items into clever works of art.

There is also ‘Minigami’ by Gay Merrill Gross to keep meticulous minds busy. And ‘Barfbag Origami’ by Chris Marks is sure to take your mind off of how sick you feel when flying. Last but not least, where would we be without ‘Pornogami’ by Master Sugoi? To get you started on your origami journey, here’s a video that teaches you how to make a rose.