The PurePharma Greens G3 is Formulated with Organic Greens

 - Jan 26, 2017
References: purepharma & trndmonitor
The PurePharma Greens G3 is a new dietary supplement that's formulated to make it possible to increase your intake of organic greens in a quick, easy manner. Packed with spinach, kale and parsley, the PurePharma Greens G3 is a powder that can be mixed with water and taken as a shot or added into a smoothie. Moreover, users can incorporate it into recipes and foods in order to increase the overall level of organic greens without having to worry about having them on hand.

The PurePharma Greens G3 dietary supplement is made in the USA and created with organic ingredients. The supplement is rich in the various nutrients found in the three greens in the formula and is a quick, effective way to obtain them.