Kaufmann Mercantile's Natural Hair Powders Boast Alluring Scents

Kaufmann Mercantile is an elegant e-shop that specializes in handcrafted gifts and natural beauty products like this organic dry shampoo by Alder New York.

The frequency of one's hair washing routine is often determined by workouts, weather changes and a general feeling of cleanliness. As more beauty experts suggest that over-washing damages one's hair, dry shampoo use is on the rise. While it keeps one from washing their tresses too frequently, store-bought dry shampoo can also cause hair to be thin and brittle over time.

Alder New York's organic dry shampoo product is chemical-free and comes in three alluring scents that include Bergamot, Patchouli and Eucalyptus. The product keeps hair looking fresh a day or two after it has been washed and revitalizes its sense of volume. This organic product is practical for travel use during road trips and camping excursions and will not rid your hair of its essential oils and nutrients.