These Oreo Cookie Crotchet Patterns Will Make You Yearn for an Oreo

 - May 3, 2013
References: freepatterns & foodiggity
The sweet cream and that chocolate layer that envelops an Oreo cookie is a marvel of pastry ingenuity that captures all the joys of life in one bite. Since the creation of this cookie sandwich, there have been many edible concepts that have been produced and enjoyed by many people, but not so much in terms of crocheted house works.

Thanks to knitter and cookie sandwich advocate Lisa James, Oreo cookies can now be a part of everyday life with this Crocheted Oreo Blanket. The delectable blanket design features intricately designed Oreo cookies that are sure to make anyone’s mouth salivate with hunger.

True Oreo patrons will undoubtedly appreciate this magnificent piece of crocheted mastery. The pattern for this mouth-watering crotchet design is available at Free Patterns for those cookie lovers who know a thing or two about needlework.