The Orchid Lamp by YoungJae Kim Has Minimalistic Sweeping Lines

 - Oct 19, 2012
References: yankodesign
The name of the Orchid Lamp might give away the inspiration behind its design, but the design itself does not. The Orchid Lamp takes on an abstract form that could be just about anything, from a Victorian quill to, simply enough, a minimalistic light fixture. Yet once a person acknowledges its floral roots, this table lamp begins to look like one more and more.

Designed by YoungJae Kim, the Orchid Lamp boasts the tall, sweeping lines of an orchid. It might not sport any blooms, but the bend at the top gives the illusion it does. Despite its materials, the Orchid Lamp has an air of lightness as well. Made out of stainless steel and genuine leather, it is a light fixture that embodies both feminine and masculine elements that will appeal to both genders.