These Orb-Like Sculptures by Ghada Amer Contain Deep Hidden Messages

 - Jun 11, 2013
References: ghadaamer & ghadaamer
New York-based contemporary artist Ghada Amer reminds people of stories through these orb-like sculptures.

One sculpture, called Blue Bra Girls, was made to commemorate a tragic incident that happened in Egypt. Amid a political demonstration, a woman was beaten by the Egyptian military. The woman was dragged on the ground and her blue bra was exposed. Amer turned this occurrence into an iconic symbol of bravery. The egg-shaped sculpture, which looks like it is made of tangled metal streaks, actually draws out the faces of a girl from a certain angle.

Many of Amer's other orb-like sculptures contain words, phrases and faces. Because all designs are curly, they are hard to depict unless you look carefully. The artist attempts to subtly carry a deeper meaning within her sculptures.