The 'AutoMed+' Oral Syrup Dispenser Provides the Exact Dose

 - Jan 10, 2017
References: yankodesign
The 'AutoMed+' oral syrup dispenser is an innovative packaging design that looks to automate the experience of taking liquid medications. The existing design of syrup medication packaging consists of a bottle with an included dosing cup. This is somewhat inefficient as it can be easily lost and isn't conducive for those who have hand tremors that make it difficult to pour, bad eyesight or Alzheimers that causes them to forget doses have been taken.

The 'AutoMed+' packaging is outfitted with an LED film that indicates when a dose has been taken to ensure the user remembers and that they keep track of how much they've had. The 'AutoMed+' oral syrup packaging is the design work of Shima Jahani and Ali Mahmoudi.