onPony Allows Travelers to Deliver Items for a Profit

 - Nov 15, 2017
References: facebook & onpony
Getting one's belongings after forgetting to pack them on a trip or after simply running out of luggage space can be a huge hassle and incredibly expensive, but with onPony, users can get what they need while benefiting another traveler at the same time.

Less expansive than traditional delivery options and substantially faster, onPony works by setting up users with one another, so that those traveling can make a little extra cash, and those in need of a delivery don't have to deal with long wait times and elaborate costs.

onPony originally started in Turkey, where its founder was in need of a specific type of medicine to help with the pain of their wisdom tooth removal. The only option was to have a friend bring it to them, which sparked the idea for a service that streamlines this. Since its inception, onPony has expanded to serve an international community.