The Duty-Back Site Refunds Taxes from Online Shopping Sites

 - Jul 28, 2013
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While many people enjoy the convenience of purchasing products from online shopping sites, when items are returned, many people don't bother to claim the duty tax. Duty-back is a new online site that works to help people reclaim tax money lost on returned products bought online.

In today's Internet-savy culture, many consumers shop online for the simplicity and convenience of purchasing items from the comfort of their own home. But, when products are received and returned, many people are unaware that the taxes they paid to have that product sent to them can be reclaimed. That's where Duty-Back comes in. Formed in Canada, Duty-back works to help the consumer gain back money lost on duty taxes. Currently only available to Canadian customers, Duty-Back plans to expand to serve customers in Australia, UK and the USA.