This 'Online Circle' Infographic Explores the History of the Hashtag

 - Apr 3, 2013
References: theonlinecircle & bitrebels
If you've been on the Internet lately, chances are you've noticed that every online circle seems to use hashtags like they're going out of style.

The prevalence of hashtags all over the Internet poses some interesting questions, such as how did this hashtag craze start? This infographic from Online Circle answers that question and more while exploring the history of the hashtag in general. For instance, the first program to support hashtags was formerly a super popular chat program called ICQ, which is the first time I've thought about ICQ since the late 1990s. While the hashtag is generally thought of as part of a Twitter experience, other social media networks are jumping onto the hashtag train, including photo sharing service Flickr, YouTube, Kickstarter and rumor has it Facebook is going to be next on the docket.

What's really interesting is that according to the infographic, Brazil of all nations is the second biggest user of hashtags. Who's first? The United States of course.