Google's OnHub Router Shells Look Pretty and Keep Your Internet Stable

 - Dec 10, 2015
References: onhubmakers.withgoogle & engadget
Google is offering beautiful customizable shells designed to be fitted onto its OnHub routers.

Most of us keep our routers hidden behind a bookshelf or desk in order to keep them out of sight, but what this does is weaken the quality of our WiFi signals. But these beautifully colorful shells ensure that your router will now add to your house's beauty rather than distract from it.

The OnHub router shells are a simple but revolutionary introduction that prove that even the most boring and dreary of electronic products -- the Internet router -- can be converted into an object of art and something to display in your home rather than hide away from sight. The shells are also functional in that they encourage you to put your router in the middle of your home, making for stronger Internet signals.