The One Star House Party Dinners Take Place in Airbnbs Around the World

The 'One Star House Party' is a travelling pop-up event that takes place in Airbnbs across the country. While the idea of dining in a stranger's home may sound a bit unusual, the unorthodox setting is the perfect backdrop for the event's strange and delightful dishes.

The One Star House Party is a roving pop-up that is currently underway in New York City. Unlike other pop-ups, this event takes place in unusual spaces that have been retrofitted for the gourmet dinners. Once the location has been finalized, the event's world-class team prepares an innovative tasting menu that is designed to provide a memorable dining experience. For example, the current New York tasting menu includes dishes such as chicken confit in toasted hay with egg yolk fudge and chervil, as well as miso-smoked pumpkin with pickled pine nuts and beef shortrib.