'One Earth Designs' Promotes Eco and Social Entrepreneurship

 - Mar 20, 2012
References: oneearthdesigns.org
When asked to picture the Himalayas, it's likely visions of snowy peaks that come to mind rather than images of the culture and people living in the chilly mountain range above India. Today we're going to break up those snowy images and talk about some of the Himalayan communities being supported by One Earth Designs.

One Earth Designs is a social business fostering social innovation in the region and helping to empower triple bottom line entrepreneurs.

"One Earth Designs serves as a catalyst for socially and environmentally minded innovation among Himalayan agricultural and nomadic communities," the website explains. "Acting as a conduit through which communities can access technical and business support, we unleash the potential of modern design thinking."

Their programs include school construction, designing engineering programs, incubating sustainable local businesses and addressing immediate needs like providing heating systems in educational facilities and aiding in water supply.

Recently they co-designed the 3-in-1 SolSource, which can be seen in the gallery.

"The SolSource is a lightweight solar energy device that provides users with a low-cost and portable means of cooking, heating and electricity generation," the website explains.

One Earth Designs was founded in 2007 and is based in Kowloon, Hong Kong. It has been recognized by organizations and programs like MIT, the Clinton Global Initiative and the Yunus Innovation Challenge.

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