Qualtrics' Software is Focused on Efficiency and Directness

 - Feb 19, 2019
References: qualtrics
Qualtrics seeks to improve new employee experience with a swift, efficient and survey-based onboarding platform.

The software is focused on providing hires with the opportunity to give substantial feedback, allow recruiters to monitor employee improvement, as well as assure that the training schedule is upheld via "built-in action planning." Qualtrics' onboarding platform guarantees positive impact in a number of fields that are associated with successful employee training and transition. This includes a "decrease ramp time [and a] boost productivity."

In addition, thanks to Qualtrics' approach to its product, the software engages and promotes proactiveness amongst the new hires who are still trying to adjust to the dynamics of the particular corporate setting. Employers can use the feedback from Qualtrics' onboarding platform to create insights for "tangible improvements."