This Omelette Recipe Tutorial Shows How to Cook Eggs in a Ziploc Bag

 - Sep 25, 2015
References: allrecipes & sfglobe
This omelette recipe tutorial from creates a beautifully prepared savory omelette, but it has an unconventional twist. The omelette recipe uses a Ziploc bag to assemble and cook the traditional breakfast dish.

The omelette-in-a-bag method is much easier than the usual pan-fried omelette recipe. It involves drastically less cleanup, as it essentially only uses one disposable prep and cooking vessel. Cooks to whom it seems a little unnatural can follow the simple Allrecipes omelette recipe video tutorial to see how it's done.

Essentially, the eggs go into the Ziploc bag and are squished by hand rather than whisk beaten. Then, any variety of ingredients -- chopped vegetables, diced ham or grated cheese, for example -- can be added to the omelette recipe. Finally, the whole bag is cooked in a saucepan of boiling water, creating a perfectly formed omelette.