Australia Swim Team Anthem

 - Jul 28, 2008
In preparation for their trip to China, Australia's Olympic swim team has prepared their own theme song, called "Live It, Dream It."

Sure it's cheesy, but it gets the team spirit up, and that's what sportsmanship is all about! The song was written by the Aussie swim team and performed by gold medalist Leisel Jones. The lyrics are all about their training, practicing and the pursuit of their goals.

Leisel Jones is the smokin' blonde in the gallery, which also shows images of Australian Olympic swimmer Stephanie Rice.

"The whole team was involved with the wording and it just represents what we're about - what we do, our goals, why we get up in the morning and how much passion we have for our sport. It's pretty special," said Craig Stevens, who won silver in Athens.

Below is another Olympic theme song.