The Olivier Bonhomme 'Acid Jazz Essential' is Loud

Olivier Bonhomme is a French-based graphic designer. Working out of Lyon, Bonhomme is inspired by passionate music and hallucinogenic ideals of perception. Overcome by the power of jazz and the incorporated scene, Bonhomme rendered the 'Acid Jazz Essential' collection.

The artist defines the collection on his site as, "Some idea of bebop." The illustrations are line-heavy and appear to be chaotically inked, as if in a stoned stupor. The effect is reminiscent of the art work of Ralph Steadman, who worked on Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Frank Zappa. Movement is a centralized theme within the works, becoming contorted with exaggerated proportions and form. Bonhomme incorporates color with subtle mastery, including vivid brights and muted tones to achieve an LSD-trip atmosphere.

The Olivier Bonhomme Acid Jazz Essential is a wildly energetic look into the shady bebop culture.