Olga Valeska is her Own Muse in these Surreal Still Frames

 - Jan 14, 2012
References: olgavaleska.blogspot & visualnews
Why pay someone to pose for your photos when you can be like Olga Valeska and just be the subject of your own still frames? Monetary savings aside, it also gives artists a chance to express themselves on a more intimate level that would otherwise not be possible when trying to channel emotions through someone else. It’s what gives Valeska’s work a distinct quality as she lets viewers peer into her fantastical mind.

Olga Valeska is an emerging French photographer and, as you can tell by these images, she specializes in capturing dream-like depictions. Though you can expect Valeska’s work to be surreal, it’s truly amazing how she varies each photo from the last, playing with compositions simultaneously like a child and a professional.