- Jan 25, 2014
A popular theme for photographers is taking pictures in fantasy-like settings to create fairy tale-inspired photographs. Popular locations for shooting fairy tale inspired photographs are forests, green landscapes and dreary foggy water fronts. The dreamy settings create a picturesque movie-like feel for photographs. Another popular take on fairy tale photography is dressing up like a Disney character or your favorite fantasy character.

There are many ways to achieve the perfect fantasy fairy tale inspired photographs, from fairy-tale infant photography to depressing Disney princess family photography. The fairy tale inspiration is present in the themed photography series. 

Fairy tale-inspired photographs can range from whimsical fairies, forest goddesses, fairy tale wedding scenes, dream fairy tale fantasies, fairy tale dolls or Disney princesses. Regardless of the approach, these fairy tale captures look magical!

From Disney Princesses To Eerie Fairy Tale Inspired Photographs: