Okunoshima Island Has a Large Bunny Population

 - Oct 15, 2014
References: flickr & buzzfeed
An island where you can snuggle up with hoards of bunnies seems like something out of a dream, but Japan's Ōkunoshima Island—or as it is better known, Bunny Island—is very much real. The story of how the island came to be is a strange one, sine it began as a military site during World War II where poison gas was manufactured. Although this might not have been a great place to visit decades ago, now it's a place that tourists flock to, in the hopes of being swarmed by adorable rabbits.

Considering the dark past of this island, it would have been much more fitting for it to have become overrun with a creepy creature like snakes or some sort of insect, but there will likely be no complaints about these furry critters.