This Ocean Power Generator Collects Energy from Wind and Water

 - Jul 2, 2013
References: cbsnews & treehugger
The 'SKWID' is an ocean power generator that simultaneously collects power from wind and underwater currents. It is the world's first hybrid power generation system and will appear off the coast of Japan in the fall.

The SKWID is designed to sit in the ocean takes advantage of energy that could be collected as the wind blows and water moves naturally.

SKWID consists of two parts, the 'Darrieus' which reaches 150' above the water's surface, and 'Savonius,' a 50' spinning turbine. The turbines spin in one direction regardless of the direction of the wind or current, and are capable of collecting twice the amount of power that is harvested on land. It is estimated that SKWID will generate enough energy to power 300 Japanese homes.