The 'Why People are Eating Their Own Trash' Chart is Shocking

 - May 7, 2012
References: infographr.tumblr
Caring for the environment is not a fresh concern anymore so perhaps people will take the message more seriously given this 'Why People are Eating Their Own Trash' infographic about how ocean pollution makes its way back into the swampy seas of our own bellies.

Are you aware of the Pacific Ocean garbage patch? Did you know its area amasses twice the size of the U.S.? If that weren't terrifying enough, it is evidenced that lanternfish, a major source of food for many marine animals, including the beloved tuna fish, has up to 83 different plastic fragments settled in its gut.

The infographic illustrates this dangerous diet, then gives striking statistics on the sheer volume of garbage fished out of the ocean -- from kitchen appliances to diapers to food packaging -- our seas are not short on inventory.