A Disturbing Sea Shepherd Campaign as Ocean Creatures Being Twisted

 - Jun 3, 2013
References: ibelieveinadv
In another heart-wrenching campaign from animal activist group Sea Shepherd, ocean creatures are seen being wringed out. The sad creatures are portrayed being twisted like towels with the tagline suspended below in a droplet. The ads have a simple message that reads "How far can we take it?"

The campaign is an effort to stop the illegal killing of whales and the slaughter of seals. According to the print ads, 450,000 seals are killed every year and 25,000 whales are illegally hunted annually. Each ad implies that we are perilously straining our ocean’s resources through overfishing and illegal hunting.

Developed by ad agency ‘Heads’ from Rio de Janeiro, the ads evoke strong emotions. The tortured expressions of the dying computer-generated animals were strongly emphasized to help the viewer empathize.