OBLIO is a Mirror, a Lamp and a Piece of Art

 - May 16, 2017
References: design-milk
Designed by Gio Tirotto, the OBLIO fixture is a crossover between a lamp and a mirror which can be categorized somewhere between art and design. The mirrored disk is embedded with LED light around its edges, and the arched brace holds it all together.

The hybrid furniture concept challenges basic notions of furniture design through its unconventional properties whose services don't compliment one another. When asked "What’s the use for an unlit lamp?" and "What’s the use for a mirror in the dark?" Tirotto's response was "None."

The Oblio fixture was created for Secondome Gallery, was presented at the independent design fair, Operae. The fixture has a pivoting disk which can be adjusted to face different directions, allowing the consumer to explore different functions and angles.